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Today I come to you to express my concern and give my total support to women around the globe, that suffer from injustice, and live in a world with violence, oppresion, and rules created by a society where they are still held back to stand out. I have joined the CHIME FOR CHANGE  movement, a project founded by Gucci, that through Education, Health and Justice, empowers and changes the lives of girls and women around the world.
Specifically, I decided to keep suporting the #BringBackOurGirls campaign movement, shocked by the news of 273 girls that were kidnapped from a secondary school by a group of terrorists in the Borno state, in Nigeria, 51 days ago. I am most confident that education is the way that gives women the place and opportunity they deserve in this world, to change it, because we are all made to stand out.
I am glad to have the opportunity to contribute to this cause, by donating 5000 USD to this movement, and I invite you to donate to this, or to any of the Chime for Change projects.
Gucci has also created the Gucci parfum and Chime for Change donation program , so that every fragrance bought gives you the opportunity to donate 5 USD to a cause. 
(1 fragrance bought = 1 donation voucher)
Let’s help, and lets continue creating awareness so that with our influence, we are able to make of this world a more just, encouraging, and peaceful place. We can, and it’s worth it.
None of us can move forward, if half of us are held back


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