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Forest tales

Don’t imagine I’d go in high heels walking into the forest. This is merely an expression of what I thought when I got this Givenchy wool cape. It’s almost a costume piece of a character in a forest story, and this is why I like it so much. Normally I imagine a cape in black (or anything dark), and being this one so white makes it so strong-looking. It’s actually becoming so useful, and it looks just well with only Topshop skinnies and ballerina flats. 
Givenchy cape, Wolford tights, Prada shoes




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    Wow DENI!

    You look gorgious…
    Like a fairytale…
    You're so beautifull…

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    Kisses 🙂

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    The scenery is spectacular and makes the care look like is from a fairy world or something!!

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    Now, I must really have a cape especially after seeing this! Very "Christine" from Phantom of the Opera:)

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    Wow, yeah! It's definitely like a fairy tale. Paired with those polka dot tights really makes everything more alluring.


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