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Stella McCartney and a take on sustainability

A Fashion story written on November 13th 2017

What does Sustainability mean to you? We have been hearing about the term a lot lately. Every business wants to go and be sustainable somehow, even if they sometimes don’t understand what it truly means. The apparel industry is the second largest polluter in the world and this makes me…

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Tod’s Sella

A Fashion story written on October 1st 2017

Bonjour, I am back in Paris! These past couple of months I have been working on a very personal project between Los Angeles and Mexico City. It was time for me to come back to Europe and I started directly in London for the Fashion Week. After the Milanese week…

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Surrealist dreams, Xilitla, Mexico

A Fashion, Independent story written on May 15th 2017

Some years ago I heard about a surrealist castle hidden in the mountains of the tropical forest somewhere in Mexico. After looking at the first picture of the place, I knew that I had to see it in real life. We drove for almost 7 hours from Mexico City and…

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