Mirror labyrinth

Vetements rain coat, Alaia boots 12th April, Paris . France  A story of the unconventional with a sense of solitude. Shot in the new Philharmonie de Paris. Photos by Mathieu Lebreton 

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dark magic 2b

cast a spell on me

From an early age, I have been inspired not only by clothing and trends, but by the stories the clothing pieces convey. For the same reason –as you have probably noted- I am always attracted to discover vintage pieces, as they are invaluable and so different from everything to our reach in any store. While […]

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Roman diaries 28b

la vita a Roma

While Milan feels familiar and my friends there always make it feel like home, there is something about Rome that makes life much more magical and monumental. When you go up a terrace or turn around in a street and suddenly the Colosseum is right there in front of you, all great stories of ancient […]

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Palazzo Fendi 11b

Palazzo Fendi in Rome

Last week, Fendi surprised us by literally picking us up after the last fashion show in Paris to take us in a private plane to Rome. We were there both to celebrate the end of the fashion week, and most importantly to join Karl Lagerfeld, Pietro Beccari, and the whole Fendi family to celebrate the inauguration of […]

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Bulgari bzero try 3B

#BeRevolutionary by Bulgari

In the middle of the work that fashion month represents for me, I took some moments to discover and photograph the B.Zero1 ring by Bulgari. As one of their icons, the ring and the mood represents the statement that “classic is revolutionary”.  The ceramic one and the one with rose, yellow and white gold have become […]

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